We have just learned for this beginning of the week and for this end of January that on the night of Sunday 28 to Monday 29 January 2018, a player won the tidy sum of € 58,659 at the Casino Barrière Deauville, located in the Calvados region. A very beautiful region which benefits from a gaming establishment which is particularly talked about for its numerous gains, but also for its innovations and technological prowess.

It was around 12:40 a.m. on Monday morning, when a customer who is passing through the establishment will have the huge and wonderful surprise to see the 3 reels 777 of the 911 Tower of Power slot machine line up just after he bet € 1.50. A fabulous combination that will allow him to win € 58,659 and see a week start rather well for this tourist. But in addition to this fabulous win, we did a little more research at Roulette.be around the big wins won at this casino and we realized that a lot of jackpots have been won at this gaming establishment.

This is reminiscent of the gain which is somewhat similar to the latter, always won at the Barrière casino in Deauville for a jackpot this time of € 50,954 which was won in November 2012 by a lucky winner of this jackpot who wanted to remain anonymous, is of which nothing is known except that he lives in Deauville.

An opportunity therefore for us to offer you a retrospective on some of the best wins won in this Deauville casino.

The Biggest Jackpot In France

It has been in place since July 2016 and is up for grabs at the Barrière casino in Deauville.

The amount of this jackpot at the Casino Barrière de Deauville amounts in fact to 1.1 million euros and is therefore becoming the biggest jackpot to hit in France at the moment.

On Saturday July 30, 2016, the biggest jackpot to be won in all casinos in France amounts to 1,100,100 euros and as long as it is not won, it will continue to increase. Players could well rush to the Barrière casino in Deauville and thus increase the sum even further until a player luckier than the others wins, which has still not happened to this day.

The Bonus Box Experience At The Deauville Casino

From December 26 to 29, 2017, 8 Apple Watches were to be won thanks to the Bonus Box of the slot machines at the casino Barrière Deauville. But you must be wondering what are these Bonus Boxes ?!

Well, the Bonus Boxes are in fact a kind of new form of authorized winnings in France, which were deployed for the first time in Normandy, at the Casino Barrière in Deauville. The principle is rather simple since it allows the player, who goes to one of the two slot machines carrying the offer, Spitfire Multipliers or I love triple Diamond, in the orphanage of the casino, to then insert a ticket of game which will then allow him to know if he can win one of the eight connected watches at any time.

The Deauville Casino Has Received Its New Slot Machines

It is January 2017 and the Barrière casino in Deauville then acquired new slot machines. Even if they are automatic gaming devices like all the others, the fact remains that each arrival of such a machine is eagerly awaited by players and regulars. The first six arrivals then function like a one-armed bandit, with mechanical rollers, except that you do not have to operate the crank, but press a button. A clever way to have fun while trying to win a lot of free bonuses by enjoying a synchronized sound and light show.

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