Just a year ago, in January 2017, the Sochi casino had finally opened its doors. We then find here a first establishment worthy of the name, located in an attractive and really accessible area in Russia, which has been awaited for nearly 5 years by the players. A celebration with great pomp was made on the occasion, worthy of a national event, attracting the world and seeing then a casino that was not idle. The casino was also entitled to reports for its opening, which were broadcast on television which was able to highlight this new complex which has everything to seduce its new customers and players, whether at the level of the offer, size and accessibility.

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The Sochi Casino & Resort

Opening its doors officially on January 5, in the eponymous Russian city, the casino enjoyed a launch with great fanfare, with entertainment, concerts and even television reports. It must be said that this complex is installed in one of the few zones authorized for the game in Russia, a country which must be admitted… does not really have many establishments of games of the kind. Indeed, it is not really that Russia does not have a casino, but they do not have the necessary qualities to be qualified as such because most of them are quite small and are located in places where access is rather difficult.

Now, the sportsmen who abandon themselves near the ski resort “Gorki Gorod” will be able to take breaks between two descents on the slopes to go to bet jdl 688 online gambling on the tables of craps, poker, blackjack or on the machines. to slot. Players will indeed be able to enjoy what to do on site with more than 560 slot machines and 70 table games. The Sochi Casino & Resort (also known as Sochi Resort) has an area of ​​32,000 m², which is still huge compared to those that already exist, and has two very beautiful and classy restaurants. But it also offers its customers a bar, a conference room and a theater-cinema room, shops and a sumptuous bank room.

Poker At Sochi Resort

One thing is certain in this casino, it is that the amateurs of poker are not really disadvantaged with its special room of 10 tables. The casino having been a victim of its success for its opening week even had to be sold out, with waiting lists of more than 15 names for each! A line which will then be empty with the end of the holidays and the return to normal in the following weeks of the opening. We were even able to attend a very first major poker festival organized from January 20 to 30, namely a stage of the EAPT.

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